PAPPA (Palo Alto Parents and Professionals for Art) is a non-profit arts education organization serving children in Palo Alto and neighboring communities. Founded in 1976, PAPPA has been offering after-school art classes in visual arts on local school campuses since 1977.

With the credo that arts are basic to children’s education, PAPPA offers instruction in a wide variety of arts, among them drawing, painting in various media, cartooning, silk painting, sculpture, ceramics and claymation.

PAPPA has offered multicultural vocal music classes since 2004. PAPPA has provided free art classes to elementary school students in downtown San Jose through the Renate Brewster & Mary Stewart Memorial Arts Program, an initiative in memory of two long-term members of PAPPA.

PAPPA’s mission is twofold: to provide quality after-school arts classes, and to advocate and support quality arts programs in our public schools. PAPPA has initiated and co-sponsored many programs to help inform the community and educators of the value of arts in education. PAPPA believes that well informed parents and communities can and will demand and support quality arts programs in our schools.